Dr. Wassim Derguech

Business Capability-centric Management of Services and Processes Models

This page describes the research that I have conducted during my PhD studies


Derguech, Wassim. Business capability-centric management of services and processes models (PhD Thesis), 2017.


With the advent of Industry 4.0, more and more companies are actively working on digitising their assets (i.e., services, processes, etc.) for better control, collaboration, modularity, analysis, etc. By 2020 more than 80% of companies will have digitised their business processes and value chains. This creates more services and processes, making their indexing, discovery, configuration, etc. more challenging. Thus, properly digitising those assets needs a proper data model to describe them, and proper algorithms for indexing, discovering and configuring them.
In this context, this thesis aims to propose a concept model for describing the business capability of services and business processes from a functional perspective: What do they achieve and what are the related business properties? Furthermore, this work proposes the aggregation, indexing, discovery and configuration of services and business processes using the concept of business capability.
Therefore, the first objective of this thesis is to propose a conceptual model for describing Business Capabilities. The proposed model is implemented as a set of ontologies that can be used for creating semantic annotations of business process models or services.
The second objective of this thesis is to propose an abstraction technique that allows moving from an entire process model to its functional description by aggregating the business capabilities of the process elements into a single one.
The third objective of this thesis is to explore the use of Formal Concept Analysis for providing efficient indexing and discovery of business capabilities that are described using the proposed model.
The fourth objective of this thesis is to reduce the business process modelling effort when using configurable process models by proposing an algorithm for creating business capability-annotated configurable business process models that capture configuration options in terms of business capability features.




EPC Tools

EPC Tools is an open source initiative towards a tool for Event Driven Process Chains (EPCs) on the  Eclipse platform. EPC Tools supports the tool indepedent EPC interchange format EPML.The original version of EPCTools is available at this link.